Customer Testimonials

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I am writing this testimonial regarding the excellent work done by the PWP (Pennsylvania Wilds Paranormal) team. Ken and his crew arrived exactly on time, explained everything that they were going to do, and allowed us to participate. My initial inquiry was because my youngest daughter was having horrible nightmares, getting ill, and worst of all she was getting deep red scratches on her back. My two older daughters had some strange stories throughout the years, however, I dismissed them thinking that they were exaggerating.  However, when my youngest began getting scratched, I realized that something was not right. Ken and his crew were able to find that something was in our home but was not a true threat. I received the audio with voices of the entity and, to be honest, was extremely startling. Since then, my daughter has been more aware and bolder towards the entity and she has not been scratched since. I am so appreciative of the help received by the PWP!