Common Questions 


How much do you charge to investigate my home or business?

Our investigative services are free of charge to all home and business owners who need our help!

How does a client contact you if they would like to talk to someone about having an investigation done at their location?

You can contact us via email at or you can message us on Facebook. 

How far will your team travel?

Our coverage area is primarily the Ligonier, Pennsylvania area, but we are also willing to investigate throughout Western, Central and Northern Pennsylvania. We will travel anywhere within a three hour drive of Ligonier. 

How does a client know it's safe to let your group into their home or business?

This is one of the biggest concerns of homeowners and businesses owners about paranormal investigators. For your protection, as well as ours, we have waivers that each party will read and sign before any investigation takes place. We also will conduct a meet and greet before the investigation to make sure everyone feels comfortable, and to address any last minute concerns.

When do you conduct your investigation?

All of our investigations are done overnight and on an agreed upon date and time with our client. 

What do your clients do while your investigating?

During our investigations some homeowners chose to spend the night in a hotel or with friends or family. However, we do invite all homeowners and businesses owners to participate in the investigation and investigate with us so you can experience the paranormal first hand with our investigators.

Can a client cancel an investigation after one is scheduled?

Yes! Please feel free to cancel an agreed upon investigation at anytime. We just ask that you please cancel before we travel to your location or arrive at your location. 

Do you have a question that isn't listed here?

Please feel free to contact us via email us at or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have for us!