Co-Founder/Case Manager

Ken is a native of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania. Along with his late wife, Emilee, he founded Pennsylvania Wilds Paranormal in 2018 with the hope that his team would be able to help clients understand the paranormal and work to promote a sense of client empowerment. Ken functions as the team leader and works to coordinate each team activity. He examines each case, briefing and preparing the team. He has been actively engaging the paranormal for several years. Ken's interest in the paranormal was piqued by his own paranormal experiences as a child. He reports that he looks forward to continuing to help others explain the unexplained. 

Emilee (In Memoriam)

Co-Founder/Team Coordinator 

Emilee is a native of Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. She was introduced to the paranormal by her husband and co-founder, Ken. Emilee and Ken founded Pennsylvania Wilds Paranormal in 2018 in an effort to find answers to questions about the afterlife. Emilee worked as the team coordinator, picking team members based on their skill set and the goal of the group. 
Emilee passed away suddenly due to natural causes in the of summer of 2019. 



Sheri is a native of Luthersburg, Pennsylvania. She became interested in the paranormal after  experiencing the paranormal in her own home. Sheri works as the teams researcher. She is responsible for investigating the history of each location the team investigates as well as former owners/residents of each location. Sheri also contacts local libraries, historical societies and local historians on an as needed basis for PWP.



Public Relations Coordinator 

Rebecca is a native of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Rebecca's interest in the paranormal began as a child after experiencing the paranormal in her childhood home. Rebecca works as the teams Public Relations Coordinator. She is responsible for continuing to grow our teams relationships within the paranormal realm as well as educating the public on what kind of services our team offers our clients.